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MENA Awards 2022


Why Enter?

17 Regional & 24 Country

Specific Awards


A panel of senior market participants will select the winners from shortlisted submissions and nominations decided by the GIG Team.

Receive the recognition
of your team's work!


Not only the best companies in the market but also their exceptional achievements will be recognised and awarded.

Demonstrate that you lead the industry

Winners will receive recognition both online and in print along with a detailed profile and dedicated marketing campaign.

Entries are open

The MENA Awards have celebrated superior performance, innovation, and excellence in asset management, fund services, and brokerage during Global Investor's 35 years as a publisher.


The Awards have been around for amazing technology advancements, significant industry structural shifts, bull markets, a couple financial crises, and one pandemic.


Entries for the 2022 MENA Awards are now being received, and the final deadline is November 21, 2022.


For any questions, please e-mail Anshula Kumar at


Criteria, Rules & Judging

1. The consideration period is between September 1, 2021 and August 31, 2022.
2. All entries must be in English and must be brief and concise as possible.

3. Unless specifically stated differently, all information is shared with the judges and, if you are successful, parts may be replicated in an Award profile. Please make it explicit in your entry if you want any information edited before it is forwarded to the jury or excluded from publication.

4. Be sure to submit your entries no later than November 21, 2022.

A panel of business experts representing a variety of disciplines and encompassing the entire market choose the winners of the MENA Awards.
After shortlisting from the qualified submissions, the Global Investor editorial team distributes the qualifying award submissions for the judges' consideration. Pension trustees, well-known industry veterans from the buy-side and the sell-side, seasoned market analysts, and investment consultants have all served as judges in the past. 

Each judge rates entries in order of their preference and the results are calculated on a point-based system.

Award Categories

Award Categories

The MENA Region Categories

Country Categories

Alternative Asset Manager

Bahrain Asset Manager

Asset Manager

Bahrain Broker


Bahrain Wealth Manager

Cash Manager

Egypt Asset Manager

Clearing House

Egypt Broker


Egypt Wealth Manager

Equities Manager

Jordan Asset Manager

ETF Provider

Jordan Broker


Jordan Wealth Manager

Fund Administrator

Kuwait Asset Manager

Global Custodian

Kuwait Broker

International Exchange of the Year

Kuwait Wealth Manager

Sharia’ Manager

Oman Asset Manager


Oman Broker

Sukuk Manager

Oman Wealth Manager

Transition Management

Qatar Asset Manager

Wealth Manager

Qatar Broker


Qatar Wealth Manager


Saudi Arabia Asset Manager


Saudi Arabia Broker


Saudi Wealth Manager


UAE Asset Manager


UAE Broker


UAE Wealth Manager

  • Alternative Asset Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Broker
  • Cash Manager
  • Clearing House
  • Consultant
  • Equities Manager
  • ETD Provider
  • Exchange
  • Fund Administrator
  • Global Custodian
  • International Exchange of the Year
  • Sharia’ Manager
  • Sub-Custodian
  • Sukuk Manager
  • Transition Management
  • Wealth Manager
  • Bahrain Asset Manager
  • Bahrain Broker
  • Bahrain Wealth Manager
  • Egypt Asset Manager
  • Egypt Broker
  • Egypt Wealth Manager
  • Jordan Asset Manager
  • Jordan Broker
  • Jordan Wealth Manager
  • Kuwait Asset Manager
  • Kuwait Broker
  • Kuwait Wealth Manager
  • Oman Asset Manager
  • Oman Broker
  • Oman Wealth Manager
  • Qatar Asset Manager
  • Qatar Broker
  • Qatar Wealth Manager
  • Saudi Arabia Asset Manager
  • Saudi Arabia Broker
  • Saudi Wealth Manager
  • UAE Asset Manager
  • UAE Broker
  • UAE Wealth Manager

Enter Here

Enter Here

To enter, please download and complete the entry form below, according to our rules and criteria, and then send it to


Judges frequently favour entries with accompanying information. Where possible, it is advisable to use bullet points and factual information.


Entries should cover the 12-month period from September 1, 2021 until August 31, 2022.


The winners will be unveiled at the Global Investor Awards, the date of which is subject to confirmation.


Further details to follow.


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