Global Custody Survey 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Global Investor/ISF Global Custody Survey.

This annual survey is the opportunity for asset managers, asset owners and banks to rate the performance of their global custodians.

The survey will run between Monday 30 May and Monday June 27 June at midnight.

As usual, all responses will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will remain non-attributable to you.

Access the Methodology here.

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  • Data analytics and digitisation, the business case: Continuing focus on cost and the speed of adoption in 2020 are placing data and digitisation at the core of progress in collateral management.

  • Enabling capital and collateral savings: Matthew Wolfe, executive director for securities finance at OCC, explains how current analytics help provide members with unique risk modelling that translates into collateral and capital savings.


  • Collateral convergence: As the events of 2020 underline their benefits, firm-wide convergence initiatives, supported by a clear management message, are growing in appeal.

  • Margin requirements: Addressing the growing collateral management needs at CCPs


  • Collateral mobilisation: An effective collateral transport solution means navigating multiple regulatory regimes and charting a path around – or through – a firm’s historical architecture.


  • Optimisation in theory and practice: As Covid compounds pressure from regulatory reform to accelerate collateral optimisation, measuring the benefit of different approaches remains a key challenge.

  • Enterprise wide collateral management and optimisation: the holy grail of securities finance: Phil Morgan, CEO of Pirum explains the three challenges that technology must solve to deliver progress towards these two long standing targets.

Integrated Technology

  • A plan for all seasons: Bimal Kadikar, founder and CEO of Transcend, and BJ Marcoullier, head of business development, explain how an integrated technology platform can deliver a best-in-class collateral and optimisation solution, regardless of whether a company follows a siloed or integrated approach to collateral management.

Building Solutions

  • Three pillars of collateral management: Trevor Negus, senior product manager, TLM collateral management at SmartStream Technologies explains how connectivity, standardisation and outsourcing provide three crucial supports when it comes to building an effective collateral management solution.

Platform Centralisation

  • Collateral managers, agent lenders, prime brokers, retail brokers, beneficial owners… manage your entire securities finance program and collateral management activity on one single platform.


  • How Covid and UMR highlight the benefits of automation a discussion between John Pucciarelli, head of industry and regulatory strategy and Mark Demo, head of community development at AcadiaSoft.