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ISF Directory of Securities 

Lending & Repo 2022


The ISF Directory is the annual reference tool for professionals in the finance industry. The 2022 edition will be released in May, available both in print and digital format.

Get the most out of including your company details in the 2022 directory:

Access to key industry information

The industry will have access to up to date information and relevant contacts of the most important companies worldwide.

Connect with your peers


The ISF directory is a commercial tool to connect companies and professionals globally.

Find the latest products and services from your competitors

Companies can share detailed profiles and key information on services and products offered.


1. Be sure to submit your entry before May 6, 2022.
2. All entries must be in English.
3. The minimum details to list your company are company details, industry sector, and one contact.


To enter, please download and complete the entry form below send it to Federico Mancini at or call +44(0) 750 83 92 695.


Please make sure you follow the criteria listed above.


Entries should be made no later than May 6, 2022.


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